Mid-rise Passenger Elevator 4 to 10 Stops

Low-rise Machine-Room-Less Elevator 2 to 3 Stops

The Low-Rise Hydraulic Emarelle is a 2-3 stops up to 4500 lbs and 125 fpm holeless elevator. Its main advantages are simplicity, performance and economy.

Mid-rise Machine-Room-Less Elevator 4 to 10 Stops

The development of Emarelle the counterweight-roped hydro has given architects and installers a very attractive hydraulic elevator solution. Thanks to the counterweight the size of the hydraulic system is significantly reduced, with a small power unit suitable for MRL installation. The pulling cylinder, micro leveling and electronic valve option are features that make the Emarelle ride quality comparable to any low-rise traction elevator. Speed goes up to 200 FPM and capacity to 4000 lbs. The reaction load is supported by the pit floor and simple installation with pre-engineered elements for fast and trouble-free installation.

Low-rise Passenger Elevator 2 to 3 Stops

Conventional Hydraulic Elevator 2 to 8 Stops

The standard package is our classic arrangement with the cylinder located in the ground under the platform. The Twin telescopic or Twin direct are our direct acting holeless product for 2-3 stops market. Like the above models, the dual roped elevator can be used both as a passenger and freight loading and cover the segment from 4-8 landings. When corner-post or 3 openings are required for passenger applications, then the cantilevered telescopic or cantilevered roped elevator offers the best solution.

Freight and Automotive Elevators

Freight and Automotive Elevators

The freight elevator package is rated for Class A through Class C loading and can either be configured with Twin Direct or Twin Telescopic, Dual Roped or standard below the car cylinder. Standard capacity is up to 10,000 lbs. however custom freight elevator for up to 60,000 lbs. has been designed and delivered.