About Our Company

M. Sylvain Mongrain

Mongrain Vertical Transport (MVT) was formed by M. Sylvain Mongrain, a 15 years Leistritz veteran, to supply the international market with engineered hydraulic elevator products and knowledge. MVT, from its Grandes-Piles, QC facility, provides administration, sales, engineering, purchasing, production, technical service and spare parts orders. Warehousing and logistics is performed at its Waldwick, NJ facility. MVT is committed to further develop the technology of the engineered and customized hydraulic elevator and to provide superior and timely service.

The products that are manufactured and supplied are various Group I & Group II Elevator Packages, Emarelle machine-room-less counter weighted roped hydraulic elevators and various elevator components such as telescopic cylinders, car slings, under oil and dry power units, oil coolers.