Mongrain Vertical Transport

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Hydraulic freight elevator packages

MVT offers its customers a complete selection of freight elevators to meet a wide range of heavy-duty, freight handling applications. In addition to the cylinders, power units, platform and sling, MVT also supplies the cab, landing doors, car gates, fixtures, controller, wiring and piping – all the components needed for a complete freight elevator installation.

While tough construction, easy installation, and low maintenance are already our trademarks, there are many other reasons to select MVT:

  • The flexibility of choice among in-ground or holeless configurations, roped or direct acting, single or multistage assures cost effective applications at all times;
  • High grade MVT cylinders with honed pistons provide well lubricated contact with seals, assuring long life and smooth ride quality;
  • A choice of dry or submersible power unit motors;
  • Custom designed platforms and slings tailor installations to the available elevator shaft. Pre-assembled sections enable easier, faster installations for significant savings;
  • A broad selection of fixtures, signals and controller features is available;
  • All components are consolidated by MVT into a single shipment for easier transportation and on-site delivery.
Hydraulic freight elevator Hydraulic freight elevator Hydraulic freight elevator

View PDF document for complete brochure

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