Why Holeless?

Various difficulties may be encountered when installing hydraulic elevators. The most common is found when drilling the hole for the jack. In older buildings and in areas with stubborn drilling conditions, drilling is sometimes impossible. Don't let this discourage you! The solution is the holeless hydraulic elevator. When faced with impossible or cost prohibitive drilling, MVT offers a viable alternative.

Jack holes are also susceptible to shifting soils. When an inground elevator jack is used, leaks can lead to soil or ground-water contamination. Although wrappings and separate casings can be added to maximize the security of the jack, the unknowns are still there..like electrolysis, which leads to corrosion and pitting. Potential costs and complications due to contaminated soil and ground-water can be devastating for a building owner, even if not already restricted by regulatory bodies such as the EPA.

The best means of controlling jack hole costs is not to drill. The only safe alternative to jack holes is the holeless hydraulic elevator, where all above ground hydraulic components can be visually inspected.

MVT offers a wide range of holeless and semi-holeless jacks, slings and power units that allow a customer to choose the most cost-effective and environmentally safe way to install an elevator. With MVT you have a full commitment to customer support. Engineering lay-out assistance using CAD is available to quickly size all components for the holeless application. Consultation and assistance is provided by MVT application engineers throughout your project.