Mongrain Vertical Transport

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Standard hydraulic elevator packages

The in-ground elevator design from MVT is suitable for all opening configurations – front, rear and side – using a cornerpost arrangement. The traditionally- designed cylinder is installed in the ground and attached under the car sling. It can be used with a single stage or telescopic cylinder.

Each MVT STANDARD Hydraulic Elevator Package contains:

  • Hydraulic cylinders with honed pistons;
  • Submersible power unit incorporating a low pulsation screw pump, oversized submersible motor, and a muffler that eliminates the pulsation of pressurized oil for a smoother and quieter ride;
  • Car sling package with guide rails, brackets, platform, toeguard, roller guides, buffers, limit switches, cam, and all necessary hardware;
  • Manual of shop and field installation drawings.

Each component is manufactured to exacting quality standards, and rigorously inspected at MVT before shipment. This application can be used on Passenger, Service or Freight cars of any size. Standard in-ground configurations are described on the following pages.

Standard hydraulic elevator packages Standard hydraulic elevator packages Standard hydraulic elevator packages

View PDF document for complete brochure

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